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Sticky Post--A Feather For Your Thoughts

Welcome to the Ravens in the Library community, a community about the Ravens in the Library benefit anthology. satyrblade and I--and a whole lot of very talented contributors--are putting together this anthology to raise money to help pay for the medical and recovery costs SJ Tucker is incurring.

s00j is a highly talented musician who spends her life touring around the country, making magic and music and changing peoples' lives. As a starving artist, she has no health insurance. She recently ended up in the hospital with some complex and unexpected medical issues which have already run up bills in the tens of thousands of dollars. Our goal is first, to help make sure she doesn't end up in bankruptcy or debt for the rest of her life because she fell ill, and second, to start something. We want to change the way things are done, so that fundraising like this isn't necessary, for anyone. Even with the current economic downturn, we live in one of the richest nations in the world. The fact that a young woman's life could potentially be ruined financially because she needed medical care--and who doesn't need medical care during their life?--is nothing short of ridiculous and disgusting. We want to fix that.

This is where it starts, and you're part of it.

Here you will find status updates on the progress of the anthology, plus some sneak peeks into what you can expect to see in the anthology--excerpts from the stories and an occasional piece of art as well. We'll also keep you up to date on how s00j is doing.

Information on pre-ordering the anthology can be found in the user info for this community, and also at SJTucker.com.

We're very excited at how the anthology is coming together. The stories are amazing, the art is beautiful and evocative, and the contributors are, each and every one, so incredibly kind. Working with them has been a life-changing experience, and I have no doubt that when you have this book in your hands, you will understand why.

The creation of this anthology is an act of magic and love, one that encompasses all of you. Thank you for being a part of it!

~Damiana and Satyr

RAVENS Almost Ready...

Status Update:

We were supposed to have our copies of RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY delivered to our shipping address yesterday afternoon. Our supplies and crew are ready to go. Sadly, there were some last-minute technical issues with the cover; although they have been resolved, the protective UV coating on the prints takes 24 hours to dry, and so the covers were not shipped to the book bindery until Friday. The binding glue needs time to dry as well, and the bindery isn't open on weekends.

Short version: we are supposed to see our copies of RAVENS by mid-next week, and will be shipping them next weekend.

Irritating as the delays have been, they're all pretty standard. Normally, a book like this takes six-to-ten months to put together, and often longer than that. RAVENS took two-and-a-half months from inception to press. Due to the urgency of the cause, we solicited sales earlier than usual. In hindsight, maybe we should have estimated a shipping date of mid-March rather than late February.

Meanwhile, RAVENS itself has been printed, and it looks great. Here's another excerpt to tide y'all over until we ship the book. Enjoy! 


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Ravens Excerpt: Five Weeks to the Day

She had rings on her fingers and bells on her toes and business to tend in the heart of the city. In dark, litter-strewn alleys, her jingling steps echoed from close walls of molting brick so that, even in their ecstasy-induced madness, the rooftop ravers could hear the sound.

[Image - NSFW... but gorgeous!]

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Ravens in theLibrary - Find out More

Five weeks today, almost to the hour, a crazy raven hatched in my brain and went cawing around our living room. This week, that project heads into Sherry's steady hands - and from thence, to the printers, and then out to you.


Sneak Preview from the Ravens

Time only slows down for dying and speeding down empty highways. Winding thoughts of should-have-been are the only clocks when tires hiss with asphalt. Wise drivers know not to get lost there. Legendary ones just enjoy the ride. No one owns that moment, no matter what the automobile salesmen might try to say. You can flow into it, trudge long within it, and sometimes find Enlightenment because of it, but changing it is never going to happen.

Premonitions and chrome, they only reflect the angles you wish to see. This is even true when there is no hope that you will find out if the visions were true. Memories on the other hand are living things. There is no question that a life was lived. Being murdered makes so many things so clear...


- From "Mercury," by Elizabeth Jordan Leggett (aka archway)

Here's just a taste of the goodies gathered by our Ravens in the Library. As some of you may have seen, we signed Laurell K. Hamilton to this project yesterday, and she rounds out a roster of big names and new voices who've gathered their talents to help S.J. Tucker recover from her recent illness.

Elizabeth Jordan Leggett is one of those "new voice" contributors - a gifted author and artist whose work reveals just how rich 21st-century fantasy can be. This story, and many others, appears only in Ravens in the Library. And although many Raven tales are reprints too, no other book contains the lineup of authors and artists you'll find within those pages.

Ravens in the Library goes to layout next week, and from there it goes to press in early February. I'll be posting more updates in this space as our release date nears. Come check 'em out, and please spread the word. Thanks! Ravens in the<br />Library - Find out More

Laurell K. Hamilton Joins the Ravens!

It's official!

Three weeks and one day after I made a passing comment to her saying "maybe I'll even edit a benefit anthology for Sooj," all the necessary papers are take care of and Laurell K. Hamilton has donated a tale to the Ravens in the Library collection. 

The story in question is a stand-alone short. It's neither an Anita Blake nor a Merri Gentry tale. It is laugh-out-loud hilarious, and we're glad to have it leaven some of the darker goings-on in this collection.

Which story is it? Order the book and find out!

If you haven't already ordered a copy of Ravens in the Library, what are you waiting for? This will be a limited-run publication to benefit S.J. Tucker's recent hospitalization and surgery. This group of authors and artists has never appeared within a single book before, and once this collection goes out of print, it's gone for good.

Check it out!


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